4 Signs of a Potential Sewer Line Backup

Almost all of the older homes in our area were built with clay or cast iron pipes that become compromised over time. Also, as homes settle small cracks can happen in pipes — an open door for tree roots to enter the line, where they create bigger issues as they grow. We recommend a camera inspection of your sewer line every year to check the condition of your pipes…identifying any small problems early can prevent a costly messy disaster and will give you more options on how to address it.

Don’t overlook these signs:

1. Slow Flowing Drains: If your kitchen or bathroom sinks, toilets and/or showers frequently drain slowly, something isn’t right.

2. Sewer Odor: If you get a whiff of sewer in any area of your home, take it as a sign that you need to call an expert. Sewer smells can be a result of something as small as a dried-out trap or as large as a backup.

3. Water In Floor Drains: Water sitting in or coming up through your basement floor drains is another sign of potential sewer line trouble.

4. Gurgling: Hear a gurgling sound in your pipes after you use your shower, bathroom sink, toilet, kitchen sink or any of the plumbing in your home? That noise is from air bubbles that are unable to get through your line. A HUGE red flag that your sewer may be backed up or your vent pipe clogged.

If you are experiencing any of these your sewer line may be in trouble …don’t wait. A Pronto Plumbing drain expert can identify what is going on and provide recommendations on how to resolve it.


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Why Are Annual Heating & AC Tune ups Important?

Just like for your vehicle, tune ups are an important part of maintaining your heating and air conditioning system and extending the life of your equipment. Regular maintenance helps to identify potential problems early, prevent inconvenient breakdowns and protect your family and home from safety issues such as carbon monoxide leaks. Tune-ups also improve the efficiency of your unit which helps save on heating utility costs. We recommend you have one done every year and many manufacturer’s warranties require regular maintenance to keep the warranty in effect.

Why Go Tankless?

Tankless water heaters offer endless hot water. No more cold showers or running out of hot water while washing dishes. Tankless water heaters use less energy so installing one can lower your utility bills. The units also last longer than traditional water heaters. Schedule a no-cost estimate appointment to learn more about the right Tankless Water Heater to meet the needs of your family and home size/layout.

You Can Repair or Replace Water, Drain or Sewer Pipes Without Destroying Your Landscaping, Driveway, or Floors!

Many types of pipes that were installed in our area over time become compromised due to decay, tree root invasion or shifting earth and need to be repaired or replaced before a major leak or sewage backup occurs. The traditional pipe repair methods you may be familiar with often require heavy-duty equipment, huge piles of dirt from digging big trenches, and ripping up whatever is above the pipes – such as your lovely landscaping, driveway, patio, floors or walls.

There is another option — trenchless techniques and specialized boring equipment can be used to repair or replace damaged water or drainage pipes with out destroying your property!

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair or Replacement:

1. Fast. Can be completed in much shorter time, often in one day.

2. Minimally Invasive. Only requires small holes dug outside, just enough to access the pipes.

3. Cost Effective. While it may cost more than traditional methods, once you factor in the added cost of restoring your landscaping, driveway, patio, floors or walls back to their original condition, it is often less expensive overall.

4. Long Term Solutions that last decades.

Is Trenchless Always The Best Solution?

Trenchless methods may not always be the best solution. If the pipe is fully collapsed or improperly graded, or pitched backwards, trenchless may not be effective. Traditional excavation may be more cost effective if your damaged pipe is easily accessed, not very deep in the ground, and doesn’t run under or through anything that will be damaged and costly to restore. There are several types of trenchless repair, from pipe-lining to pipe-bursting. Pronto Plumbing is one of the top trenchless experts in the Northeast and can provide recommendations on what the best options and costs are for your situation. Call for your free video camera inspection of your pipes — we also offer free second opinions.

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