Why Do You Have A Noisy Toilet?

Have you noticed your toilet making noisy gurgling, bubbling or grumbling noises, or is slow draining? Don’t panic! This is actually quite common. You probably have one of the following:

  • A blocked plumbing vent
  • A blocked sewer line

If you have a blocked plumbing vent, it simply means that proper ventilation isn’t occurring. In order for complete drainage to occur, air is need in your plumbing pipes. A blockage will prevent that air from flowing thus stopping the pipes.
blocked sewer line can be caused by debris, broken sewer pipes, or even tree roots interfering with your septic system. In addition to a noisy toilet, you may also notice water backing up into your shower or tub when you flush.
If you are unsure where the blockage is occurring, you can always try and plunge your toilet or snake it (it never hurts to try!). If neither of those work call a plumber.

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