Which Vents Should Be Open And When


Which Vents Should Be Open And When

The key to an efficient and comfortable home is good air flow. The better you have your air flow working with you, the less energy your HVAC system depletes attempting to work overtime, saving you energy and money.

If your home features a “high/low” return air register system (vents at the top and bottom of the wall), know which vents should be open during which season for optimal performance.

First, make sure your vents are not blocked by any furniture, carpets or drapes, to allow proper air flow.
During the winter season, the bottom vents should be opened and the top vents should be closed. The floors are naturally cooler in the winter, so opening the bottom vents will allow that excess cool air to be returned. Likewise, the top vents should be opened in the summer and the bottom vents closed, as heat rises and the vents will remove the excessive warm air.

And that’s the secret to optimal airflow! Now go adjust your vents!

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