When Was the Last Time Your Sump Pump Was Serviced?


The sump pump. It sits in a corner of your basement, usually without any fanfare. It’s easy to overlook, but don’t forget it’s there because it’s important that you have it serviced regularly. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that sump pumps require maintenance. Of course, when they wind up with a flooded basement, they appreciate their mistake… too late.

How Often Should a Sump Pump Be Serviced?

In general, you’ll want your sump pump to be checked at least once a year and up to several times a year if it’s getting tons of use. This will ensure that everything is running up to par and there are no issues with malfunctioning parts. For instance, one of the most common problems with sump pumps is that they have to be able to empty efficiently. When they can’t, they start to back up, and that’s when homeowner headaches begin to arise.

What Happens When a Sump Pump Stops Working?

As long as there are no rains, a subpar sump pump isn’t going to be something you notice. However, as soon as the spring and summer downpours start, you’ll be aware very quickly that it’s not working correctly. You may see pools of water forming in your basement, or may hear the sump pump struggling to flush out the water in the tank. These are all indicators that it’s been too long since you had it maintained.

What Are Some Signs of a Sump Pump That Requires Service?

If you’ve just moved into a new home and you’re not sure if your sump pump is ready for service, look for these indicators:

  • You can tell that no water is being drained from your sump pump.
  • The sump pump isn’t turning on when it should be, and it’s plugged in.
  • You think that the sump pump pipes might be frozen.
  • Your basement is flooding after it rains.

What If Your Sump Pump Is Failing?

Like all the equipment in your home, your sump pump has a “shelf life”. Most sump pumps that are serviced routinely will last for anywhere from 5-10 years depending upon the brand, how frequently it’s used, how it was installed, etc. A technician will be able to tell you if you might need a new one rather than just getting your current sump pump repaired.

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