What’s So Bad about a Leak?


But it’s just a little leak!”

How many times have you heard (or said!) this statement? At Pronto Plumbing, we hear it all the time. Typically, it comes from customers who feel like ignoring the leak is better than dealing with it right away.

Guess what? That’s a bad idea.

So what is the true cost of that “little” leak? Let’s do a little examination…

  • Even a slowly dripping faucet will waste water over time… to the tune of more than 1,000 gallons annually. And a faster leak will likely waste upwards of 70,000+ gallons a year. How much will that cost you on your utility bill? You can expect anything from $20 to thousands.
  • A toilet leak (such as one that “runs” until you manually turn it off, or one that occasionally will run on its own for a bit before it shuts off) can become an expensive proposition. You can expect to flush thousands of dollars without ever getting anything in return.

So… can you afford to ignore that leak? We know we don’t like to let our money circle down the toilet, and are pretty sure you don’t, either. Give Pronto Plumbing a call today and we’ll make sure your leak doesn’t drain your pocketbook.

P.S. Sometimes, you may have “silent” leaks that aren’t noticeable. For instance, if a sink in your basement leaks slowly, you may be unaware because you don’t hear it on a regular basis. We can help with that, too, and keep you in the green!

P.P.S. We forgot to mention that, psychologically, you’ll feel better, too! Who wants to hear a “drip, drip, drip” sound in the middle of the night? Banish the dripping and enjoy your home!

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