What It’s Like to Be a Heating and Cooling Expert

As is commonplace in the heating and cooling field, we at SECCO consistently are asked to place bids on jobs.   Sometimes we get the jobs, sometimes we don’t.  But the interesting thing is that we’re often asked to rework the jobs that we bid upon and initially “lost”.

Case in point – recently, we placed a bid for an HVAC project.  Our bid, along with several others, was reviewed.  Ultimately, another vendor was chosen.  We set aside our hopes of doing the project; yet the door wasn’t quite closed.

After a bit, we were asked to correct the mistakes the chosen vendor had made.  We were also told that despite the other vendor’s lower bid, the bidder had made the realization that paying a little more upfront could save time and money in the long run.  It wasn’t the first time we’d heard those words.

This isn’t to suggest that we are perfect.  No business is.  However, we aim to please, and we go the extra mile on a daily basis.  It’s what makes us SECCO.

At SECCO, we like to say that we’re the experts in our industry.  We spend a great deal of time in training our team members, and we treat every customer with the highest degree of respect.  It’s a full-time, 24/7 passion for us.

If you haven’t tried us, we encourage you to give us a call the next time you need annual maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment, want to install solar panels, need an electrician, or have one of those dreaded plumbing emergencies.  We’ll happily showcase our skills, and we know you’ll be satisfied with our performance and knowledge.

Thank you for making us the heating and cooling experts in central Pennsylvania.

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