What is an “Energy Star” Appliance?


We hear a lot about the seemingly mystical “Energy Star” appliances, and how much better they are, but what really does it mean to be an Energy Star appliance, and why should you care?
Simply put, the Energy Star program was created by the U.S. government and the Environmental protection agency (EPA) t o allow businesses and industries the chance to find ways to reduce their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency without the government stepping in and enforcing strict energy laws.
A product must be in the top 25% energy performance of all products its type, in order to be Energy Star rated. Energy star products must be certified by an independent third party and must be proven to have a return investment if the given product is more expensive than a similar, non-energy star rated product.

What will an energy star product do that a regular product won’t?

Energy star products will help lower your utility bills and last longer. Because they are usually made with higher quality components and more advanced technology, they usually have a more enhanced performance and are more efficient.
To learn more about Energy Star programs and products, visit Energy Star.

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