What Are Smart Water Faucets?


Smart water faucets are a simple way your home can reduce water waste and improve efficiency. There are three types of smart faucets, hands free, digital and combo.

Hands free faucets are relatively common in public restrooms. They considerably reduce the risk of germs because the user is never in contact with the actual faucet. A sensor detects motion, causing the water to turn on, and then when you remove your hands from under the faucet the water shuts off. Homeowners like these because they guarantee you never leave the water running (especially great if you have kids who can be forgetful!).

Digital faucets are great for controlling water temperatures without wasting water. Instead of turning the water on and waiting for it to reach your desired temperature, a digital faucet allows you to select the temperature you want without the adjustment time. Digital faucets can also be used to run in conjunction with water filters, allowing you to see when your filter needs changed.

Combo faucets are more expensive but offer more function. They can run digitally, by touch or by sensor. They save the most amount of water and can monitor how much each faucet is putting out around the house.

There are many money saving smart faucet options on the market, you don’t need to buy the fanciest option. The goal of all of these faucets is essentially the same, conserve water usage and increase efficiency. If you’re curious about more options, stop by your local hardware or home improvement store and research the best fit

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