Top Toilet Clogging Culprits

Top Toilet Clogging Culprits

There are a surprising amount of things that could be clogging your toilet (besides human waste). Some of them are obvious, some of them less so. One of the most beneficial things you could do to prevent clogging (especially if you have younger children), is to keep the lid down.

Children too often (and usually unbeknownst to the parents) manage to drop objects and small toys into the bowl and flush them. Consider childproofing your toilet seat, or at least leave the lid down as much as possible when not in use.

Common Offenders

  • Toilet paper –try to avoid using large wads of toilet paper, instead folding flat layers. Also, single ply paper dissolves and flushes easier than heavier, thicker ply paper.
    Feminine products –cotton snags on the pipes, creating blockage in your pipes. Never flush pads or tampons.
  • Baby wipes –wipes are thick and do not break down in the water. They can stick to your pipes and build up or even catch other flushed items.
  • Hard water deposits –sometimes what you’re flushing isn’t the problem. Deposits can build up on the port holes around the toilet rim, preventing water flow through the toilet. Remove deposits with a wire scrubbing brush or a sharper object.
  • If this is a common/frequent concern for your home, consider installing a water softening system.

Less Common Offenders

While these can’t be considered the biggest reasons for your clogging, they happen frequently enough to warrant being included to this list. If any of these items manage to make it down your toilet, they can be very damaging.

  • Disposable diapers
  • Pets (goldfish) –It may seem like an appropriate burial, but flushing fish can actually be very damaging.
  • Foods (especially oils or meats that can’t break down)
  • Chewing gum

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