Tips for Firing Up Your Furnace for the Season

Is yours ready to keep you safe and toasty?

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The monthly temperature for a Camp Hill October averages a high of 64 degrees and a low of 44 degrees. This means one thing: Your furnace had better be ready to kick in, especially on those crisp fall nights. (FYI – the lowest October in the past 15 years was a teeth-chattering 27 degrees back in 2001!)

Unfortunately, some homeowners play a risky roulette game by not getting their furnaces checked out. Then, when it comes time to flip the switch, they find themselves left in the cold… Literally.

Don’t force your family to freeze their toes off. (Icicles on the end of your nose will not lead to a good night’s sleep!) Instead, be proactive and safe. Take these wise measures to get your house ready for anything Mother Nature sends central Pennsylvania’s way:

  • Furnace Repair & MaintenanceChange your furnace’s air filter. Think of the air filter as the lungs of your home. Once it gets filthy, your home cannot “breathe” at peak levels. The air filter won’t have a chance of catching as many airborne pollutants and allergens if it’s dirty. This means all those yucky particles will wind up flying around the rooms of your house.
  • Check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector (or go out and get one). Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill without any warning. Faulty or older furnaces (especially those that run on natural gas) may put you and your loved ones at risk. A detector will alert you if levels of the gas become unacceptable high for humans or pets.
  • Get a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats give you the power to adjust the temperature settings in your house for any time of the day or night. Not only are they simple to use, but they also pay for themselves quickly by saving you money!
  • Get your chimney inspected. Are you planning to use your fireplace this year? Even if you had your chimney inspected last autumn, get another check, especially if you used the fireplace last winter. Build-up within chimney walls can lead to fire hazards.
  • Have SECCO Home Services conduct a thorough examination of your “LOCAL TOWN” homes’ furnace and other heating equipment. If there are any “red flags”, we’ll find them and alert you to the solutions we recommend. That way, you’ll have peace of mind every time your furnace starts.

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