Honeywell FocusPRO Thermostat Battery Change

How to:

Change the batteries in your Honeywell FocusPRO thermostat

If your wireless thermostat is not working it may just need new batteries. The batteries for the Honeywell FocusPRO wireless thermostat are simple to change, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

What you will need to complete the task:

2 – New AA Batteries (for the Honeywell TH5220)


2 – New AAA Batteries (for the Honeywell TH5110)

  1. The first step in changing the batteries for this thermostat is to find the battery housing which is located on the right hand side of the thermostat, on the back/top corner.
  2. At this location on the thermostat there will be an area that can be pressed down, it actually has the words “Press” on this spot.
  3. Press down on this spot and push outward and to the right. The battery housing will slide out, giving you access to the batteries.
  4. Remove the two old AA batteries and replace them with your two new AA batteries. Make sure you insert the new batteries into the housing in the correct direction noted inside the battery housing.
  5. Once the new batteries are in the housing, place the housing back into the thermostat in the reverse order that you removed it. The housing should “click” whenever it is properly inserted into the thermostat.

After the battery housing has been properly inserted with fresh batteries the thermostat should turn on immediately and be ready for use in your home again.

The Honeywell TH5220 requires (2) AA Batteries
The Honeywell TH5110 requires (2) AAA Batteries

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