Stop Flushing Away Money – Discover the Dual Flush Advantage

To flush or not to flush… that’s been the question for homeowners throughout the years. On one hand, some – ahem! – waste products can sit for a while in the bowl before a flush is needed. However, is this really the most sanitary option? If you’re letting your “yellow” mellow, you may be creating a germ-infested environment. On the other hand, if you flush every time, you could arguably be wasting money and water.

Presto! The solution is here and ready for installation: The dual-flush toilet.

We love the dual-flush toilet technology (invented by an Australian over three decades ago, and used throughout that country.) In fact, we had one installed in our headquarters just to test it out and make sure it delivered on its promises, which it absolutely did.
The dual-flush mechanism is simple – if you have only liquid waste, you opt for a lower flow of flushing water; if you have solid or mixed waste, you opt for a standard flush. It’s honestly that simple, and it can make a huge difference in your Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg or other central PA home’s utility bill. Typically, the savings can be up to 67% of your current water usage.

Guess what? This type of toilet technology can also help you “go green”!

If you’re environmentally conscious, the dual-flush toilet can absolutely fit into your plan for an eco-friendlier household. Like many “green” options, this toilet has a higher upfront cost than regular toilets, but it will pay for itself quickly when you take into consideration its water conserving properties. After all, the dual-flush toilet uses about 0.8 (low flush) or 1.6 gallons (full flush) of water; compare that with 2.9 gallons per flush for other toilets.
Sure, it’s a strange subject to bring up. However, once you have one in place, our guess is that you’ll never want another kind of commode again.

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