Solar Water Heater FAQs

Have you ever wondered whether or not a solar water heater is right for you and your home? If so, you’re definitely not alone.

Solar water heaters are popping up around the central Pennsylvania region, and although they aren’t perfect for everyone, they might be a good alternative for you if you’re looking for greener solutions.

Below, we’ve amassed some of the most commonly-asked questions we hear regarding solar water heaters. Of course, if you have others, feel free to call us at 877-TODAY60.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Solar Water Heaters:

Can solar water heaters work in central Pennsylvania homes?

Answer: Absolutely. As long as sunshine can get to the collector, the solar water heater will work.

Are there different types of solar water heaters?

Answer: There are different types of solar water heaters, such as one-tank versus two-tank systems. Additionally, there are solar water heaters with direct circulation systems, and others with indirect circulation systems. A professional solar water heater installer can help you determine which is the best choice for your water usage needs.

Can I install a solar water heating system myself?

Answer: Although it is possible to DIY, we do recommend calling an expert to handle installation. For instance, we have the equipment and experience to make sure it’s done right the first time. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of having a service warranty.

Do solar water heaters last for a long time?

Answer: The average length of time that a solar water heater lasts is 15-30 years.

How much maintenance is needed on a solar water heater?

Answer: Most of the time, maintenance is recommended every 3 or so years. If you need replacement parts occasionally, you’ll obviously need to call a professional.

Is installation of a solar water heater expensive?

Answer: The cost of a solar water heater installation will vary depending upon the model you choose. Generally, these are the more expensive of all types of water heaters; however, they also require less maintenance and last longer than other water heater types. They also save money, so they pay for themselves relatively quickly.

Will the water still get hot enough for our family’s usage if we have a solar water heater?

Answer: You shouldn’t notice a temperature difference if you switch to a solar water heater from a gas or electric one.

Can an existing hot water heater be retrofitted for solar?

Answer: Retrofitting can be done in some instances, which will help extend the life of your current water heater.

Are solar water heater rebates available?

Answer: Year-to-year, there have been a variety of rebate opportunities for homeowners who switch to solar water heaters. In fact, they’re back for a limited time in the commonwealth, and you can check out the information HERE.

Does solar water heater installation take a long time?

Answer: Not really. An expert contractor can install your solar water heater in about a day or two, depending on the type purchased and what else needs to be done to get the system up and running.

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