Is a Solar Tracking System Right for You?

Have you ever seen a solar tracking system in action?  It’s quite a sight to behold as it moves using the power of GPS to stay in sync with the sun.  That means from dusk to dawn, solar panels are oriented to capture as much solar energy as possible.

SECCO Home Services has successfully installed many AllSun solar tracking system units, saving our clients thousands of dollars over time.  However, one of the big questions we hear again and again is: “I’m not sure a solar tracking system is going to be right for me.”

To help you determine whether or not it’s prudent to take the next step toward putting a solar tracking system in place on your property, answer the following two questions:

  1. Do you have the room for a solar tracking system?  If you have a very small amount of yard space, you may not be able to practically benefit from it.  On the other hand, because the system is mounted on poles, it needs less room than you might expect.  That’s why you need someone to give you a visual evaluation.
  2. Do you have an area available that isn’t shaded for most of the day?  The solar tracking system will definitely need an unshaded space, even though it will move to match the sun’s orbit.  Also, although the system is going to be located high in the air, some larger trees have the capacity to dwarf the unit.  If you don’t have an area that isn’t shaded, you must be willing to create one to get the most out of a solar tracking system.

If you want to discuss solar further, feel free to contact SECCO Home Services for a free initial consultation.  We’ll be happy to help you understand your opportunities when it comes to solar.

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