Sloan Flushmate III Flushing System Recall

Attention! Consumer Recall:

Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing Systems

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an immediate recall of Sloan Flushmate III Pressure-Assisted Flushing Systems. There are approximately 2,330,600 units in the United States being recalled due to a flaw in the seam of the vessel that is in the tank of the toilets. This flaw in the vessel weld seam can burst and rapidly release the stored pressure in the vessel. This rapid pressure release can lift the tank lid and burst the porcelain tank of the toilet, presenting impact or laceration hazards to consumers and potential property damage.

The Flushmate Co. has already received 304 reports of the bursting vessel in the Flushmate III Flushing System, resulting in 14 injuries to consumers and some property damage.

Is my toilet included in the recall?

The recall is for Series 503 Flushmate III Pressure-Assist flushing systems that are installed inside the toilet tanks of the following brands:

  • American Standard
  • Crane
  • Eljer
  • Gerber
  • Kohler
  • Mansfield
  • St. Thomas

This recall includes toilets from the above manufacturers that were manufactured from October 1997 to February 2008, with the Flushmate III system installed in the tank. The unit is a two-piece, black plastic rectangular vessel. Each unit has a unique date code/serial number that will help determine if yours is included in the recall. The first six numbers of the serial number are the date code.

The date code range for this recall starts with 101497 (Oct. 14th, 1997) and continues through 022908 (Feb. 29th, 2008).

To Determine if Your Tank is Included:

First, you should turn off the water supply to the toilet with the Flushmate III unit. After the water has been shut off to the unit, carefully remove the tank lid to your toilet to expose the vessel. Gently set the tank lid down where it won’t fall and shatter. Now that the tank lid has been removed, a label similar to the one pictured to the right should be visible. This label has the manufacturer information for the Flushmate III. You will want to look at the Serial No. on the label, this will tell you when the unit was made.

What do I do if my unit is included in the recall?

If your Flushmate III system is included in the recall you are urged to immediately stop using the toilet and to turn the water supply to the toilet off. Consumers that have a Flushmate III unit affected by this recall should call Flushmate at 800.303.5123, or visit them online at their Flushmate Recall Verification page, or read the release on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

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