Selling House? Update Your Bathrooms

Watch any home improvement show and you will quickly learn, bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Most buyers purchase at the top of their budget, and in doing so they don’t want to spend extra money on updating. If you put the money into improving your bathrooms, you will see that money returned.

Where to spend and where to save

Most people can’t tell the difference between high end utilities, so spend your money on the basic visuals. Update fixtures, tile work (especially in the shower and flooring). If your cabinets are in good condition, see if you can save money by simply updating hardware or even repainting.

For bigger repair jobs that require construction, think about what would be most pleasing to a buyer. Can you create more usable space in any way? Can you add storage? Showers with walk in areas or doors are more appealing to buyers than seeing shower curtains.
If you have the space, consider a double vanity. Buyers love the feeling of added space and the idea of not sharing the sink in the morning is very appealing. Also consider electrical needs. Are there enough outlets to handle multiple needs (curling irons, blow driers, electric razors, plug in air fresheners, etc.).


Get rid of dated colors or fixtures that make the space seem dingy or outdated. Neutral colors are always a safe option, it’s easier for future buyers to picture themselves in the space that’s not tailored to your specific tastes (you may love the color purple, a buyer may not).

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