SECCO Coworkers Giving More This Holiday Season

SECCO Holiday Blood Drive 2012


On Wednesday December 12th, many of our coworkers got together and donated something special just before the holiday season. It wasn’t money, or gifts, or food. A group of coworkers signed themselves up to donate much needed blood to the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank through the SECCO Holiday blood drive.

This year was another great year for the Blood Drive!

Teaming up with the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank, we were able to donate something that could save the lives of local Central Pennsylvanians at many of our great local hospitals. We are very proud to have had a great group of coworkers donating this year and we are fortunate that they understand the importance of helping the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank meet the blood needs of our community. There is nothing else that can be a substitute for a blood donation and the only source is willing donors.


The impact of our donations from Wednesday can be enough to save up to four lives per each 1 pint donation!

Thank you to all that helped in the SECCO Blood Drive!



To learn more about how you can donate blood or hold a blood drive for your employees please visit the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank.

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