Save money on cooling costs this summer!

The temperature will soon rise, and you and your family demand comfort.  But you also want to make sure you don’t bust your budget spending money on cooling costs.  That’s why we at SECCO Home Services want to help you pay less and get more out of your air conditioning this year.

Check out these ways to lower your cooling costs without compromising your desire to stay comfy:

#1:  Purchase a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat can absolutely help your home remain at a predetermined temperature any time, day or night, throughout the hot months.  You won’t be constantly worried about changing the flow of cooler air around your home, and your utility bills will reflect your investment.

#2:  Choose ductless air conditioners to create “zones” around your house.

If you have areas of your home that you really don’t need to cool all summer long, a ductless air conditioning unit could be ideal.  With a ductless system, you can turn off the air conditioning to unused rooms, thereby reducing overall cooling costs significantly.

#3:  Use your ceiling fans wisely.

Ceiling fans can be your ally in reducing cooling costs significantly.  Just make sure that you set yours to draw the cooler air upwards. (Remember – hot air rises, so the cooler air is just hanging around the floor.  You want it to be where everyone can enjoy it!)

#4:  Get a tune-up on your air conditioning unit before the hot weather really hits.

Having your air conditioning unit serviced sooner rather than later will help maintain its efficacy and efficiency.  This, in turn, will assist in keeping your cooling costs at a minimum.

#5:  Use your whole house fan, or have one installed.

For a long time, people used whole house fans to draw air upwards and keep the residence cooler.  Today, cost conscious individuals and families are rediscovering this method of staying comfortable without spending a ton of money.

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