Running for a Cause, and Good Health!

Running for a Cause, and Good Health!

Here within SECCO we like to promote overall wellness and healthy choices within the company. By encouraging coworkers to be active and healthy you are helping them become a better functioning worker, but the benefits extend beyond the workplace. People who exercise regularly and take pride in their overall health and efforts to stay healthy can also experience better mental health because they know they are working their way toward living a happy, healthy life.

This is why we are happy to hear that SECCO coworkers James Zerfing and Brett Wiley have been competing in a series of races in the York area called the Wellspan Sports Medicine Running Series. The series tracks their progress after each race and so far they are doing very well in their individual age groups.

James Zerfing, Lead Carpenter of Carpenter Today has completed all six races so far, placing 1st in his age group at the latest race, the Servants 10k in Seven Valleys, PA. James is also currently ranked 1st in his age group for the whole series. Brett Wiley of the SECCO Marketing Department missed the first few races in the series, but has quickly climbed into the mix for his age group. Competing in the Rail Trail 10 Miler, the Quarterback Club 5k, and the Servants 10k, he has fought his way into 4th place for the overall standings in his group. Way to go Gents!

This weekend they are both going to lace up the running shoes and hit the road again at the Officer David Tome Memorial 5k Race in Spring Grove, PA. This race (along with each of the other races in the series) will benefit the David Tome Memorial Fund. David Tome was a Pennsylvania State Police Officer with the Northern York County Regional Police Department in York County, Pennsylvania. David lost his life while on duty on 10/21/08 to a driver who was texting and driving. This 5k race benefits his memorial fund to encourage and educate students in safe driving habits.

We wish them good luck in their race this weekend and hope they both continue to do well in the race series! Brett is switching from his green Pronto Plumbing ‘t’-shirt to a red SECCO, Inc. shirt. James will be incognito… See him cross the finish line… First!

Please check out the Wellspan Sports Medicine Running Series for information on how you can join the series and to see James and Brett’s results as they push on through each race.

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