Remodels Are The Perfect Time To Upgrade Your Electrical

Remodels Are The Perfect Time To Upgrade Your Electrical

Upgrading is electrical systems can be a huge undertaking, primarily because all the wires are behind the walls. Your home, especially if its older, may have hidden or unknown wiring issues that may lead to a lot more work than you thought, disrupting your home and convenience if you weren’t already planning to open the walls.
Consider This:

  • There is no better time to do an upgrade than a renovation because you are already opening up the walls.
  • Wiring in older homes or even previous DIY projects may have been incorrectly or inefficiently routed, meaning you may have had to ruin not only the walls with the existing paths, but also the walls where they should be.
  • Upgrading electrical when remodeling is also ideal because you are essentially starting with a blank canvas, speeding up the work process significantly.

Aside from doing basic upgrades with your wiring, renovations allow the opportunity to invest in projects that will add value and efficiency to your home.

  • Ceiling lights or recessed lighting offer better lighting than floor or table lamps and save space. If you’re already doing ceiling work, this is a great, economical option.
  • In-wall or in-ceiling speakers declutter your home, removing unsightly equipment, and offering you more usable space.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a remodel, but then support all your new and upgraded equipment on an old wiring system that can’t support it. If you are bringing in new, modern technology, your electrical system has to be able to support it without running the risk of blowing a fuse or shorting a circuit (or potentially causing electrical fires).
If you’re doing a remodel, you’re already half way there. Consult a professional about the best and most efficient, valuable options for your home.

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