Reminder: Heat Tape For Exposed Plumbing

Winter is coming, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is frozen pipes. Using heat tape to protect exposed or exterior pipes can help prevent unnecessary headaches.

Where to Apply It:

  • Apply heat tape over any exposed or exterior pipes (anything in direct contact with cold, winter air).
  • Any spaces in your home that are unheated or don’t have proper air circulation (crawl spaces, sinks located on an exterior wall, basements).

Additional Measures

In addition to heat tape, particularly worrisome areas can be aided by small space heaters. If you’re worried about the pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sinks freezing, you can also open your cupboard doors to let the air from your heaters circulate around the pipes.

If you’re uncertain how heat tape works, or how to apply it, contact one of our expert technicians and make sure your home is ready for winter today!

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