Put a New “Spring” in Your Step!


Put A New “Spring” In Your Step!

Are you ready to trim those unwanted pounds that crept up during the winter months? Before you start on any exercise program, make sure that you have the right footwear to safely whittle away your waist, tighten your muscles and get yourself moving!

Depending upon the type of exercise in which you’re engaging, you’ll want to pick out the perfect shoe for you:

For Walking…

Walkers might be tempted to purchase running shoes for their needs; after all, the two actions seem similar. However, runners and walkers use different methods of “striking” the surface on which they are landing. Runners strike with their forefeet; walkers strike with their heels. Consequently, a walker’s shoe must have a strong heel support.

For Running…

Runners need a shoe that will stabilize their feet and keep them moving forward. They also require footwear that ensures the protection of the balls of their feet. Typically, there is little lateral (sideways) support in a running shoe, so lateral support isn’t necessary.

For Aerobics(indoor)

Aerobic activities (as in Zumba and other classes) require footwear that anticipates lateral and front-to-back motion. Thus, an all-around shoe will be the best bet for these types of exercises.

Word of caution: Don’t skimp on your workout footwear. It can be tempting to go with the lowest price or assume that a cross-trainer shoe will work for every exercise. In the long run, you’ll simply be putting yourself at risk of injury. Instead, expect to spend a little more while getting tons back!

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