Preparing Your Baseboard Electric Heat for Winter

Preparing Your Baseboard Electric Heat for Winter

Did you turn your heat on yet?

Due to the recently chilly temperatures you probably said yes to our first question. But did you properly prepare your electric baseboard heaters so they can run safely for the winter?

Electric baseboard heaters are usually a safe form of heat, but if they aren’t properly maintained and cared for, they can present a few safety problems in your home. With a little seasonal maintenance and some extra safety steps, you can safely heat your home with electric baseboard heat all winter; though cost may prevent you from wanting to rely on electric heat for your whole house.

Routine cleaning for your electric baseboard heat

Throughout the year dust, pet hair, and dirt from outside can accumulate in and around your baseboard heaters and pose a fire hazard. These things begin to build up in your baseboard heaters and act like tinder which can quickly ignite when exposed to a heat source (your baseboard heaters). A quick way to clean up this lint-like accumulation of dirt is with a vacuum or shop-vac. Simply use the hose tool on your vacuum cleaner with a narrow attachment to help you keep your heaters clean.

When you clean your baseboard heaters and keep them free of hair, dust and dirt, you’ll also prevent the smell that is produced when you first turn on your baseboard heaters for the season.

Other ways to keep your baseboard heaters safe

  • Keep furniture away from baseboard heaters
  • You should never place flammable objects close to or on the heater
  • Make sure draperies or curtains are kept clear and away from your baseboard heaters
  • Make sure all of your baseboard heaters are controlled by one thermostat
  • Keep your children away from heaters that have exposed elements. This will prevent burns and injuries if they should be near the heater.

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