9 Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement


9 Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement

It always surprises us at SECCO when we discover that an otherwise successful business has no planned maintenance agreement.  After all, the advantages to having this kind of partnership with a trusted maintenance provider are substantial.
To help make our case (and encourage you to set up a planned maintenance agreement ASAP!), we’ve amassed 9 of the top benefits to having such an agreement in place.

  1. You will save money over time, as most planned maintenance agreements offer discounts not available if you service yourequipment on an “as needed” basis.
  2. Your equipment will run at peak efficiency all the time.
  3. You don’t have to remember to call your service provider; they will call you when it’s time for maintenance.
  4. You won’t be blind-sided by (most) major issues, because they will usually be caught very early.
  5. If you have an emergency need, your planned maintenance agreement provider will already know your equipment, which can facilitate a fast remedy.
  6. If you need to have a system part (or a system) replaced, you can be assured of getting good deals via your maintenance agreement service provider.
  7. Your equipment has a better chance of staying in tiptop shape as long as possible.
  8. You will save money on your heating/cooling bills.
  9. Because you have a planned maintenance agreement, you have the guarantee of priority placement in terms of service calls.

Convinced?  Then contact SECCO today and set up your planned maintenance agreement now!

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