How often does my furnace need serviced?

How often does my furnace need serviced?

Your heating system typically operates trouble free and you often don’t think twice about it, until your home is cold and your furnace isn’t operating like it should, or even worse, it’s broken down. This can be prevented with routine maintenance, some of which you can do while other tasks that are more complex, should performed by an Expert Heating Technician.

“How often does my furnace need serviced” is a question that we hear very often, so here are a couple tips and schedules that you could put in your calendar that can help you answer the age-old question:

  1. Change your air filter on a monthly basis. This is usually a simple task that you can do that will maintain the efficiency and performance of your furnace. Watch our video below for a basic tutorial on how to change your furnace filter.

        2. Have a professional planned maintenance and tune-up performed once a year on your furnace at the minimum. The best time to have this maintenance or tune-up performed is the beginning to middle of fall when your Expert Heating Company isn’t busy with service calls from people who didn’t have their furnace inspected before the cold weather. If you try to schedule your planned maintenance when cold weather arrives, you may have to wait a while.

So a basic rule of thumb for properly maintaining your furnace is to have (at the minimum) a yearly planned maintenance and to change the furnace filter on a monthly basis. This schedule will reduce the wear and tear on your furnace and can help extend the life of your furnace.

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