Do You Know the New (and Old) Types of Water Heaters?

If you’re a homeowner, you know the benefits of having a working hot water heater. Only a century ago, many people were forced to heat water on their stovetops or in fireplaces whenever they wanted to have heated H2O for cleaning, drinking and other purposes. Today, we can turn a spigot, saving time that’s better spent on other activities.

The issue, though, is which water heater is going to be best for you and your family. With the new models on the scene, we at Pronto Plumbing often answer questions about water heaters. Therefore, we created the following FAQs to help you determine which water heater is right for your needs.

  1. What are the various types of water heaters?  The most common water heaters (new and older types) include: solar water heaters (usually deemed the most energy-efficient), storage-tank water heaters (very common, but not necessarily rated highly by ENERGY STAR requirements), electric heat pump water heaters (these are new and energy-efficient), tankless water heaters and point-of-use water heaters.
  2. What considerations should I keep in mind when choosing the right water heater for my home? Typically, you will want to pay attention to a number of factors, including: the type of fuel the water heater uses (e.g., oil, natural gas, solar, electric, propane, geothermal), the first-hour rate (abbreviated as FHR and expressing how many gallons of hot water generated during the first hour of usage), the ENERGY STAR status (the higher the number, the better) and, of course, the cost.
  3. How long will water heaters last? Depending upon the model you choose, you could expect to have your water heater for 10-15 years, perhaps longer.
  4. I have heard about tax credits for water heaters… do they really exist? Absolutely, and you would be wise to take advantage of them. For instance, if you purchase a solar water heater, you can receive a federal tax credit until 2016. This tax credit is up to 30% of the cost of the solar water heater as well as the cost of installing the unit.

Want a professional to give you feedback? Pronto Plumbing is happy to help you determine the type of water heater that’s ideal for your residence.

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