Keep Your Home Safe

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

At SECCO, we have a “Safety First” motto that guides us in helping customers protect their homes and families.  That’s why we wanted to share with you the following 5 ways to keep your residence as safe as possible.

1:  Install and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
This isn’t a task that you should ever consider to be negotiable.  Too many tragedies across the United States could have been prevented by working smoking detectors.  So make sure they are installed corrected and in working order!  (Just replace the batteries every time you “fall back” or “spring forward” on the clock.  That way, you’ll know they are in ideal shape.)
2: Don’t allow your extension cords to look like an octopus. cheerful leprechaun with treasure
Have you ever seen an outlet that was absolutely overloaded with extension cords?  Though it may seem perfectly convenient, it’s highly dangerous.  If you don’t have enough outlets in your home, consider getting more put in by a trained electrician rather than risking a fire.
3:  Make sure larger pieces of furniture are sturdy and not wobbly.
A large bureau, curio or bookshelf that isn’t stable could easily become a hazard to you, your children or pets.  If you have a piece of furniture you love, but that is no longer sturdy, consider remedying the situation by securing it to the wall in some fashion.  That way, it can’t harm anyone if it falls.
4:  Always paint in a ventilated area.
Planning a few DIY projects around the house?  If painting (or stripping furniture and refinishing) is part of your plan, be certain that the area in which you work is ventilated.  Un-circulating air can create a serious atmosphere.
5: Kids around? Always childproof. 
It goes without saying that children are curious, so think like a kiddo and childproof your home from top to bottom.   Pay special attention to places where they could get into serious trouble, such as in the kitchen, bathroom and stairways.


cheerful leprechaun with treasure

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