Is Your Sump Pump Ready For Retirement?

You probably don’t think much about your sump pump, especially when everything seems moisture-free in your basement. However, sump pumps are only manufactured to work at top efficiency for about a decade. If yours is around 10 years old – or you aren’t sure how old it is – it’s probably time to start pricing a new model. The last thing you need is to have your sump pump give out when spring rains start watering lawns and gardens in central PA!

Top 5 Signs of a Questionably-Performing Sump Pump

  • Noises. Just like your furnace, air conditioner or other appliance, sump pumps that exhibit strange, unusual or alarming noises are a big signal that you need to get it checked out. Whether you hear new grinding, clanking or whirring, pick up the phone and get a technician to evaluate your equipment.
  • Old-style machinery. Manufacturers of sump pumps have upgraded the way they design and make their products. If your sump pump is old-style, such as a pedestal-style sump pump, you would be wise to invest in a newer one. Antiquated sump pumps may still work, but they’re using far too much energy and are at risk of leaving you high and dry… or, rather, wet!
  • Constant cycling. On. Off. On. Off. Your sump pump can’t seem to make up its mind. This is usually an indication that something’s amiss. Don’t assume that you absolutely need a new sump pump. Off-on cycling can frequently be attributed to a fixable problem, such as a float switch that has to be readjusted.
  • Running and running. When your sump pump comes on, does it stay on for longer and longer periods? Lengthy running times are signs that the sump pump is working harder than it probably should. Don’t wait until the day it can no longer handle this kind of intensity. Instead, get some maintenance and advice from a professional.
  • No response. Has your sump pump stopped working all or some of the time when it should be keeping your basement free from water? It may need to be repaired, or simply replaced.

Make it part of your spring cleaning “to do” list to pay attention to the health of your sump pump. A working sump pump is definitely a necessity for any household where water tends to pool in the basement, crawl spaces, etc. If you live in Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Harrisburg or anywhere else in the Susquehanna Valley, call SECCO Home Services at 717-470-8201 to make an appointment to evaluate your sump pump right away.

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