Is Your Drain Cleaner Really Safe?

When you notice that your drains are running a little slower you may begin to panic a little bit. You suspect there may be a problem with your sewage system and you hope that it is something minor that can be remedied with simple solutions like the good old plunger or even a drain cleaning chemical or solvent. If you end up turning to the second of the two remedies and making the trip to the local hardware store for a chemical drain cleaner, please take into consideration exactly what it is you are pouring down your drains.

Chemical drain cleaners from the “Big Box Stores”

Many of the chemical drain cleaners that you can purchase at the local hardware or the “Big Box Stores” are caustic (capable of burning or destroying living tissue), and often contain sulfuric acid or copper sulfate pentahydrate, which when it comes in contact with your skin, eyes, respiratory system, or if it is ingested can cause serious health problems including destruction of skin cells, and second degree burns.

All of these warnings can’t be good…

Why would you want to have a chemical like this sitting around your home where it has the possibility to be handled incorrectly if in the wrong hands and cause an injury. It could potentially mess up your plumbing system more due to the harsh conditions that it creates in your drains!!

BioClean offers a safe, powerful solution!

If you are experiencing drain problems and want to give a drain / septic cleaning solution a try, we recommend using BioClean. This is a non-caustic combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that eat the organic material in your plumbing system rather than dissolving it with chemicals. The safe bacteria and enzymes will activate when paired with water and begin to multiply, consuming the food, waste, hair, and other organic materials in your septic / sewage system.

BioClean doesn’t eat away at any of the non-organic materials in your sewage drain system like pipes and will not produce any heat or harmful fumes as it goes to work, unlike many of the solutions available at the “Big Box Stores”. BioClean will go to work immediately and works while you are away or sleeping overnight! It’s easy and safe to use with simple instructions and a harmless blend of naturally occurring enzymes and good, safe bacteria that break down proteins and waste.

Still don’t believe it? We’ve got the proof!

We wondered just how BioClean stacked up against the leading brand available at most hardware stores so we put them in a head to head test. Not only did we test the two together, we also tested how tough the BioClean bacteria fought when it was mixed with anti-bacterial hand soap. The results were so shocking that we decided to share them with you

!Bio-Clean treatment after 2 Hours

Bio-Clean Vs. RID-X Video Proof!

We decided that the pictures just aren’t enough to show you how effective Bio Clean is when compared to the leading competitor, so we filmed our test just to show you how effective Bio Clean really is!

Video: Bio Clean Vs. Rid X

BioClean from Pronto Plumbing

If you are tired of using different chemicals and solutions that seem to not even work, or that work for a short period of time only to notice the slow drains come back right away, then it’s time to give BioClean a shot at cleaning your drains and sewer system.

When you’re ready to get your own tub of BioClean, call us or ask for it during your next plumbing service with Pronto Plumbing! We would love to show you how to use BioClean properly and help you get started with this product right away!

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