How Trenchless Systems Work

Sewer line repairs may seem like a daunting task, but you have options. For certain projects, a minimally invasive option would be a trenchless repair. These are preferable because they leave your yard intact and save a lot of time and labor, and also repairs usually take just one day. These repairs are especially preferable for homeowners who live in the city, where dealing with city permits and traffic control can be a massive headache.
The most popular method of trenchless repair is Pipe Bursting.
This method requires digging only two access points. A wire rope connected to a splitter head is fed through the existing pipe. The splitter head is attached to the new pipe, which is fed by the wire through the old existing pipe. Pipe bursting is the most popular method, as it involves a stronger, welded pipe.
Trenchless systems are not always an option. In some situations, the existing lines are simply too far gone and must be dug up and replaced entirely. The video taken with the sewer cameras upon evaluation will help you determine how to best proceed with your repair job.

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