How to Love Your Pet for Valentine’s Day

Note: This post has been written by Grover, SECCO’s handsome, handy, humorous canine mascot

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Although you probably didn’t forget to get your snuggle puppy something wonderful to celebrate, I’m guessing that you may not have remembered to get your REAL snuggle puppy (a.k.a., the one’s that’s really a four-legged, furry friend!) something that will tantalize his tastebuds or stimulate her sniffer.

That’s why I figured it was high time for the following list of ways to show your doggy companion some love this Valentine’s Day:

1. Take an extra-long walk around the neighborhood. Better yet, head to one of central Pennsylvania’s parks and let your pup revel in nature’s scents and sights. You’ll both reap the benefits!

2. Get your bestest bud a new toy. (I particularly adore those fake newspapers. Man, I can make them squeak like nobody’s business! Other canine pals of mine swear by stuffed animals, especially if they look like cats or bunnies.)

3. Buy your doggy a snuggly blanket for his or her bed. We love to feel cozy and warm.

4. Give your poochie lots of belly rubs, and make some time to play with him or her. I know it seems like we can get along without tons and tons of cuddles, but we truly crave time with our people.

5. Get your furry friend a certificate for the pet groomer! Yeah, we’ll resist and some of us don’t really enjoy the fuss, but we always love the results. Hey, who doesn’t want to look his or her best?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your four-legged amigo/amiga!

P.S. NEVER, EVER feed your dog (or cat, for that matter) chocolate. It’s poisonous to us. Treat us with something else that’s edible and meant for our stomachs, like biscuits.

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