How To Avoid Mineral Buildups

Mineral buildups on your toilets, showerheads, shower doors and sink faucets, are caused by hard water. Water is considered hard if it has a high concentration of dissolved minerals (such as magnesium and calcium).
The best way to prevent mineral buildups is to remove excess water. The mineral deposits from hard water are what are left when the water evaporates.

To avoid this:

  • Wipe down your faucets and countertops after use.
  • Wipe shower doors and showerheads with a sponge after showering. If you’d prefer not to use a sponge or squeegee, use a spray cleaner on your shower doors to prevent the minerals from sticking.

Perhaps the most effective method of buildup prevention, is installing a water softening system (thus removing the stain causing issues directly at the source).

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