Home Improvement Is Leading to Fun Decorating Trends!


Plenty of central PA families are getting into the home improvement groove this year.

From small projects to whole house remodels, they’re jumping on the bandwagon in huge numbers.  This is leading to some really cool trends in terms of decorating, including those below:

  • Colors are everywhere!  No longer are people gravitating only to neutral color palettes.  Now, they’re enjoying a rainbow of shades, tints, patterns and textures.  (Yes, they’re still using beige, but as a base color, not “the” color.)
  • Accent pieces like throw pillows are all the rage.  The best part about them is that they are typically lower in cost and can be interchangeable.  This helps to spruce up rooms quickly and simply without too much fuss.
  • The past is coming back!  It’s definitely “back to the future” with home improvement, because vintage is everywhere.  That’s good news for all the antique dealers in our area!  People are using vintage pieces to add drama to rooms, but aren’t necessarily turning the whole room into an homage to a past era.
  • Nature is coming indoors.  A lot of designers are recommending that families add outdoor elements, like plants and natural items, into home improvement projects.  This may be an extension of the “going green” movement.
  • Woods have “lightened up.”  Move over, darkness.  It’s time for some light!  A lot of home improvement remodels are featuring woods with light stains.

Of course, no matter what the trends say, you can choose to decorate your new room(s) any way you want!  And if you need some help, feel free to give our team a call!

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