High Tech Ways To Heat and Cool Your Home


High Tech Ways to Heat and Cool Your Home

Wi-Fi thermostats are quickly becoming popular, especially to tech savvy homeowners who are looking for ultimate efficiency.
As opposed to traditional thermostats, which give the user limited control and access, Wi-Fi thermostats allow the user to control their heating and cooling settings from virtually anywhere via their Smartphones.
Users can lower the temperature of their house while they are away for extended times, so they aren’t wasting electricity. Then, when they are ready to come home, they can reset the temperature so it’s at their desired level by the time they arrive home.

Special Features:
Wi-Fi thermostats even have learning capabilities, meaning you can set them to pick up on your habits (if you lower the temperature at 9 a.m. every day, and raise it again at 4 p.m., it will remember and do it for you).
Some Wi-Fi thermostats can use local weather conditions to determine automatic temperature settings, or to check for humidity. Other systems use motion detectors, which only operate whey they detect motion or that someone is home. The mobile apps also include status indicators, which allow you to see if your system is running efficiently, your energy usage and if it’s time for a new filter.

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