Heating Bills Rising? A High Efficiency Gas Furnace Can Help


Heating Bills Rising? A High Efficiency Gas Furnace Can Help

Are you noticing that your heating bills have been steadily rising over the past few years? You may have an inefficient furnace. You may hear that word being thrown around a lot lately; efficient. But what does that mean for you?

Efficiency is concerned with decreasing waste.

What can cause a lack of efficiency, or waste?

  • Not caring for your equipment with planned maintenances and upkeep. The better you take care of your unit, the better it will run.
  • Age. Your unit may simply be old and experiencing normal wear and tear. Units older than 10 years do not meet the same energy and efficiency requirements as the newer models of today and they lack the modern counterparts.

How much can a high efficiency furnace save me?

According to the Department of Energy, a high efficiency furnace can actually save you up to 50% on your utility bills. In addition to monthly savings, depending on the efficiency level of the furnace you buy, you may also qualify for tax rebates.
This isn’t the same for everyone, however. If you live in an area that experiences especially harsh or cold winters, a high efficiency furnace would be ideal for you because you would have a very high heating load and you would use the unit more. Thus, you will see a higher savings amount on your monthly bill.
If you live in an area that has mild winters, you will not see as significant a savings on your monthly bill, and the higher initial cost of the furnace may not seem as worth it to you.

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