Health Problems Could Be Related to the Air in Your Home!

Health Problems Could Be Related to the Air in Your Home!

Have you noticed that you and your family members are experiencing more health problems than ever before? Instead of simply chalking it up to “one of those things”, why not take a look at the quality of your indoor air? Poor air quality inside your home could be creating an environment that sets the stage for a number of medical conditions.

Some of the common health-related concerns that can be traced back to poor indoor air quality include:
Asthma and Respiratory Disorders – The particles in the air of your house aren’t going to cause asthma, but they can exacerbate an existing asthma or related condition. Those with COPD should be especially concerned, as people who have been diagnosed with COPD are at especially serious risk of being unable to breathe without clean air.


Dryness and Irritation of the Eyes, Nose and Throat – You might think this is just a nagging cold that won’t let go, but it could easily be something more serious. With all the dirt, dust and dander floating in the air, it’s no wonder so many individuals suffer from itchy eyes, scratchy throats and coughs that won’t go away.

Allergic Reactions – These include topical responses, such as itchy, red, blistering and sensitive skin. Those with known allergies to dust may be particularly susceptible to allergic reactions.

Headaches – We’ve come to believe that headaches are just a part of life that can be solved with over-the-counter medicines, but some headaches can be linked to bad air quality. If you aren’t getting headaches until you get home from work at night, or you notice they disappear soon after you walk out of the house, the reason may lie in the air circulating throughout your residence.

Congestion – Stuffed up for no apparent reason? Dirt in the air could be the culprit.
In general, if you have health issues that appear to be related to your home, it could be the air. However, there are excellent, cost-effective fixes for this problem that don’t take too much time or energy to implement.

Solving Your Indoor Air Quality Problems
If you’re fairly certain that your indoor air quality isn’t as good as it could be, take heart. Solve this frequently-seen problem by:

  • Hiring a professional to clean your home’s ductwork thoroughly. Don’t forget about your dryer vents and associated ductwork, too.
  • Replacing your furnace’s air filter when you’re supposed to, usually every couple of months. If you don’t know how, ask your furnace maintenance technician to show you.
  • Vacuuming your home daily. This may seem like overkill, but it is a great way to remove the dusty particles sitting on your flooring.
  • Keeping your bedding clean. You may want to wash and change your bedding more often until the air quality in your home gets to a better level.
  • Installing an air filtration device. These are added appliances that circulate your air rapidly and filter all the unwanted items out. Many people have filtration systems in addition to the filters in their furnaces, especially if family members have allergies or respiratory diseases.
  • Taking off your shoes when you enter your house. This will help reduce the amount of outside soil and debris that’s being brought into the home.

You and your family members don’t have to live with bad air in your house. Instead, improve your environment by taking smart steps and being diligent. You’ll be improving your health, as well as the health of your loved ones.

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