The Facts About Hard Water

It’s not uncommon for people in central Pennsylvania to routinely complain about having “hard water”. But what is “hard water”, anyway?

To help you understand the phenomenon, we’ve amassed a few facts about it!

  • Water is considered “hard” when it has a mineral content (e.g., calcium, magnesium) that is quite high.
  • Sometimes, water is “hard” for a time, and then fine the rest of the time.
  • The minerals in hard water make it difficult for many soaps to do their job. This is why people with hard water problems often complain that they can’t get their clothes or dishes clean.
  • There are wide varieties of water softening methods. To determine which is best for you, it’s important to get your water tested.
  • Hard water can be drunk by humans and animals, but many people with hard water problems have filters installed to make the water more palatable.
  • Hard water may have a strong, unpleasant odor.
  • Bathtubs where hard water is used often end up with serious “soap scum” rings that are difficult to remove.
  • Most Pennsylvania households that operate on a well system report having hard water issues.

If your home has hard water give us a call!

If you have hard water, it isn’t the end of the world. You just have to take a few steps in order to make sure hard water doesn’t ruin your day. Call Pronto anytime for help!

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