Getting your home ready for the spring thaw

The spring thaw is coming! Sure, winter might still be in the air, but warmer days are just around the corner. That means it’s time to get your home prepared.

Below are 8 hints from SECCO to make sure you’re ready to open the windows, plant the garden and do all those wonderful activities that spring brings!

1. Replace – or simply check the effectiveness and reliability of – your outdoor light bulbs (and clean out the fixtures.) Choose energy-efficient bulbs for an extra boost of financial savings over time.

2. Make any necessary repairs to your sidewalks, patio, etc. The winter can be tough on those areas thanks to repeated thawing/freezing, as well as salt and snow.

3. Clean up all the cobwebs, mold, etc., that’s amassed on the outside of your home in the past few months. Look in the “nooks and crannies” for places you can scrub clean of undesirable (and unappealing) organic matter.

4. Clean out your gutters! The last thing you need is to enter the spring thaw with them all filled with dirt, leaves, sticks and other items.

5. Inspect your roof and siding for any damage that could have occurred over the winter. (You might not have noticed it when the temperatures were at freezing, but you’ll certainly notice when a leak or crack lets in water or damp air!)

6. Clean up any outdoor furniture before you put it on the patio, deck or yard areas. You may even want to give some of the furniture a fresh coat of paint or lacquer so it’s ready to celebrate spring, too!

7. Call your home maintenance provider to schedule a check of your air conditioning unit(s). The spring thaw is the time to make certain you won’t be unnecessarily roasting on those 80+ degree afternoons.

8. Invest in carpet cleaning throughout your home. (Think of all the salt, dirt and debris you tracked in during the wintertime!) You can do-it-yourself or hire a professional.

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