Geothermal Unit FAQs

Are you sick and tired of the rising costs of gas and electric?  When your utility bills come in the mail, do you dread opening them?  Do you want to look into an alternative way to heat and cool your home? 

The answer may be found in two words:  Geothermal Energy.

Many of our SECCO customers are overwhelmed by the rising energy costs, which is the reason we began installing geothermal units several years ago.  Geothermal units aren’t for every household, but for those that decide to take the plunge, it’s a great way to take advantage of a FREE, efficient resource.

Some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding geothermal units are listed below.  If you have others, please call us anytime at (717) 737-8100.  We’re always happy to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Geothermal Units and FAQs

Question:  Is a geothermal unit really that efficient?

Answer:  Generally, geothermal units heat up to 70 percent more, and cool up to 40 percent better, than their gas and electric counterparts.  So the savings will be noticeable relatively soon after installation.

Question:  Will a geothermal unit last?

Answer:  Generally, geothermal units are expected to last for around 25 years.

Question:  Is a geothermal unit going to be noisier than what we currently have in place?

Answer:  Nope.  You probably won’t notice any difference unless your current source of heating/cooling is very noisy.  If that’s the case, you’ll only notice that a geothermal unit is much quieter.

Question:  Is installation of a geothermal unit a DIY project?

Answer:  It’s not recommended that you DIY when it comes to installing a geothermal unit.

Question:  Does it take a long time for SECCO to install a geothermal unit?

Answer:  Installation is usually finished within two days.

Question:  Will I need new ductwork if I get a geothermal unit?

Answer:  In most cases, you can use your current ductwork.

Question:  Will I have to sacrifice comfort for “greenness” with a geothermal unit?

Answer:  Not a bit.  Most people say that a geothermal unit is as comfortable as, or more comfortable than, their old system.

Question:  I’m thinking about selling my home.  Will installing a geothermal unit help with resale value?

Answer:   This is a good question, and one that should be asked in consultation with your realtor.  It honestly depends upon the state of your current heating/cooling system.  If you have to purchase a new one before putting your house on the market, it may be wise to consider a geothermal unit.  On the other hand, if your current system works fine, you may want to wait and spend your money to retrofit your new home with a geothermal system!

Question:  How long will it take for a geothermal system to pay for itself?

Answer:  Again, you can determine this by looking at how much you save per year.  For some homeowners, the payback is within 3-6 years; other homeowners see a payback closer to years 8-10.

Want more information?  Check out our page on geothermal today!

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