The Maryland Legislature Goes Green!

The New Geothermal Heat Pump Bill Passes

We’ve known it for a long time. We’ve experienced the comfort and efficiency of properly installed geothermal heat pumps.

Our first Five systems were for friends and Co-Workers. The friends are still friends and the Co-Workers have moved on, but they are still friendly and enjoyed their systems.

Maryland now recognizes geothermal heating & cooling as a renewable energy source, eligible to earn Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Until this time, residentially, solar & wind complied and earned RECs, called SRECs. Animated friends call them shreks. (poor humor)

Quoting Doug Hinrichs, the solar & geothermal program manager for the Maryland Energy Administration, from our Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News (a fabulous industry publication), “grants have been given to almost 2,400 homes and business owners” as of April 2012!

Geothermal Heat Pumps deliver about 3 to 4 times the heat from the same unit of energy as electricity. Simply by using the earth as a heat source in the Winter, or heat sink in the Summer, geothermal heating and air conditioning really should be listed as renewable resource.

Federally, the same 30% Federal Tax Credit applies through 2016, unless changed, so long as the equipment is used at a primary or secondary residence.

Costs vary for the installation depending on your location and availability of space for the “loop field” and the ductwork system modifications, if necessary. Many people make the mistake of “plugging & playing” the equipment without consideration of air flow dynamics. This can be a comfort and efficiency issue when replacing a fossil fuel furnace.

A couple benefits of geothermal – other than the efficiency & comfort –

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gases
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Demand Charges
  • No Outdoor Unit (in some areas, thieves are stealing the outdoor units!) If you have a historical structure, there’s no “modern” look – my wife likes this!

We’ve been installing and servicing Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning Systems since the early 80’s, both Craig & I have units in our own homes and appreciate the comfort.

We’ve been a WaterFurnace Dealer since the late 80’s and have the distinction of installing the very first “Slinky” loop in our area in August of 1992.

Will our Pennsylvania Legislature follow suit with Maryland? I doubt it, how about you?

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