Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

When you think of a plumber, you probably think of them fixing pipes, repairing your water heater, installing a new toilet or other bathroom fixtures, or unclogging your drains.

Many people don’t think about garbage disposal repair and replacement. This is probably because most people don’t even think about their garbage disposals all the time, mainly because they are tucked away, out of sight until they are used. And even when you are using the garbage disposal, you don’t really think about it other than it’s the thing that you shove your uneaten food into.

What do you do when your garbage disposal breaks?

Luckily we install and can repair garbage disposals in your home and can offer you a wide variety of garbage disposals that can handle your waste needs and even offer some added benefits such as a garbage disposal that includes a special compound that gets added to the waste food leaving the disposal that actually has a microorganism in it that helps break down the food, minimizing clogs and plumbing drain problems from build-up of food waste.

We can repair and install most major brands of garbage disposals, and even offer a full line of insinkerator brand disposals which we stock in our warehouse to minimize your time spent waiting for a new disposal to be installed.

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