Why Ductless Is a Better Option for Some Homes


Why Ductless Is a Better Option for Some Homes

Have you been under the impression that the only way to air condition your house is to blow cool air through a system of ductwork?  While that’s certainly one way to get the job done (and is what is commonly referred to as “central air conditioning”), it isn’t the right solution for all home types.  A better option and long-term cheaper alternative to window air conditioning units is ductless cooling.

But Wait… Aren’t All Houses Able to Have Ductwork?
Interestingly, some houses simply aren’t built with enough room to have ductwork installed.  Architecturally, homes built using layouts including some smaller Cape Cods just weren’t constructed with central air conditioning in mind.  As you know, there are plenty of those types of houses throughout the central PA area from Hershey to Mechanicsburg!  Even if a property can be retrofitted with ducts, it isn’t always cost-effective.  The money spent to install a lot of ductwork may be better invested in a ductless system.

How Do Ductless Systems Work?
There are two main components of a ductless system – the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.  The outdoor unit is a piece of equipment called a condenser that usually sits on a slab of concrete or other firm surface.  The condenser cools the air going into the home.  The indoor unit blows the cooled air into the house and can be adjusted to your liking.  The area that will be cooled by one ductless system depends upon the size of the system you choose.  A well-trained technician can help you determine the right one for your needs.

Are Ductless Systems Efficient?
Ductless systems are actually quite efficient because they don’t cool rooms or spaces that you aren’t currently using.  By zoning your house, you’re able to control the amount of energy used each month.  Those savings will be reflected every time you pay you utility bill!  Over time, your initial investment in a ductless system will pay off… plus, you’ll be cooler when the summer months heat up!

Is Self-Installation of a Ductless System Advisable?
Unless you have the proper training and expertise to install a new ductless system yourself, it’s best to hire a professional.  Not only will the work be guaranteed, but it will be completed quickly and effectively.  That means you can get to the point of enjoying your ductless system much faster.
If you live in the central PA area and you want to find out more about the possibility of adding a ductless system to your home, just give SECCO Home Services a call at (717) 737-8100.  We would be happy to come to your property and complete a thorough evaluation followed by our expert recommendation.  A comfortable home could be in your reach sooner than you thought!

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