Dealing with Furnace Issues over the Winter

Brrr… it’s chilly outside, which makes it even more important for you to keep your furnace running at its peak levels of performance.  But what happens when your furnace starts to fail?  Before you grab more sweaters, blankets and heaters, contact SECCO for expert advice!

Of course, furnaces don’t necessarily stop without giving some warning signs.  That’s why it’s important for you to be aware of some of the symptoms that your furnace may need servicing… fast!

Common Furnace Signs That Indicate There’s a Problem

  • Your furnace equipment starts making noises you’ve never heard before, such as knocking or grinding.
  • You notice that there’s a strange smell emanating from your vents.  (If it’s quite strong or smells oily or greasy, open your windows and call SECCO immediately for same-day service.)
  • The air quality in your home has been steadily diminishing.
  • It seems like your house isn’t heating the way it used to, even when you increase the thermometer temperature.
  • Your utility bills have steadily been increasing beyond any expected increases.
  • Your furnace takes a very long time to “kick in”.
  • Your furnace shuts off without warning.  (Even if you can re-start it, you need to get answers as to why this is occurring.)

Wintertime isn’t the time of the year to fool around with furnace issues.  Make sure yours is performing the way you need it to perform so you and your loved ones stay toasty despite Jack Frost’s penchant for turning the outdoors into an icy wonderland.

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