Congratulations, Your a Homeowner! Here Are Plumbing Issues to Keep in Mind…

Are you one of the thousands of people throughout the Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Hershey and Mechanicsburg central PA region planning to buy your first home this summer? You may want to start considering all the plumbing maintenance and related issues that you’ll need to take care of. Many times, families can be surprised to face these facts of being a property owner. However, with this little guide, you’ll be all set!

What to Expect in Terms of Plumbing Maintenance

  • You should make sure that you have a working sump pump if your basement gets wet. If the home you purchased already has a sump pump in place, find out (if you can) when it was last serviced. If the seller isn’t sure, or you can’t get in touch with him or her, it’s worth hiring a professional plumber to come out and take a look. You don’t want your sump pump to fizzle out during the heaviest downpours of the season.
  • Check all the toilets in your home to make sure that they are in proper working order. Do they flush completely? Do they seem to turn off within an appropriate amount of time? Are they quiet when not in use? Or are there signs of leaking, such as a toilet that runs off and on? Malfunctioning toilets can be notorious killers of your water bill, so you’ll want to ward off expensive utility costs by getting them fixed or replaced immediately. (FYI: Replacing them with energy-efficient models can be a great way to lower your monthly outlay of water fees.)
  • Examine your outdoor hoses. Often, hoses aren’t properly stored during the winter months, which can lead to broken hose bibs and other faucet concerns. Turn on the water supply. Does the stream stay on? Does it seem to trickle rather than flow? Go into the basement, if applicable, and see where the plumbing from the outside is connected inside your home. Check for leaks, which could have occurred due to frozen pipes that were never fixed.
  • See if all your drains are working well. The water shouldn’t be standing for long, if at all. Slow drains may be more than an annoyance. They are often indicators of something lodged in the pipes, or even of tree roots in the outside pipes going into your home. You’ll want to know what the cause of the slow drains is so you can repair it immediately with the help of an expert technician.
  • Look at the insulation around any exposed pipes, especially ones that could freeze up in the colder months. If you don’t see insulation, this is something you can add yourself or hire a plumber to do.

The more you plan out how you’re going to keep up with your plumbing in your new house, the less likely you’ll be to experience unpleasant surprises. Of course, if you ever do have any concerns, call Pronto Plumbing immediately. We’re ready to service your Susquehanna Valley home anytime, day or night!

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