Commonly-Reported HVAC Problems

Commonly-Reported HVAC Problems

If you’re having HVAC problems, never fear.  Chances are good that a trained technician has seen them before and can respond based on his or her expertise.  Below are some of the most commonly-reported HVAC issues that occur for homeowners across central PA from Hershey to Newport:

1:  Iced-Up Air Conditioning Unit
When the weather starts to warm up, we begin to turn on our air conditioning units.  Sometimes, ice can develop on inside and outside coils and parts of your HVAC equipment.  This is a sign that something is wrong and the unit is operating inefficiently.  After getting your HVAC checked over and repaired (or replaced), follow a few guidelines including not turning the air conditioning temperature too low, and not running the air conditioner in cool weather.

2: HVAC Equipment Blows Hot Air in the Summer
Are you noticing that the air being blown from your central air conditioning unit is blowing hot or warm?  This means the parts inside your unit aren’t effectively cooling the air that’s being circulated into your house.  You may need some new parts to bring your HVAC unit back to acceptable performance.  If your HVAC equipment is very old, it may be time to upgrade to an energy-efficient model.  (You may be able to write off your energy-efficient investment on your taxes.  Ask your accountant for advice!)

3:  Your HVAC Unit Smells Odd
Weird odors can mean anything from a filthy air filter to a gas leak.  First, make sure that it isn’t the latter problem by ensuring that you have a working carbon monoxide detector near your HVAC equipment.  Carbon monoxide is odorless and can quickly prove fatal to humans and animals.  If you’re convinced that there is no carbon monoxide danger, try replacing your air filter if it’s been a while.  After a few hours, see if the smells have subsided.  If not, it’s time to call a technician.

4:  The HVAC Equipment Isn’t Working
This may seem like a typical problem, and it is… but there’s definitely no typical answer.  If your HVAC equipment isn’t working at all, or only works some of the time, it’s a signal to call someone experienced in working with your type of unit.  That way, you can get to the heart of the matter rapidly and save time, money and energy in the process.
Whatever your HVAC challenges are this summer, you can trust the SECCO Home Services team to give you knowledgeable feedback and assistance.  We’re accustomed to seeing all kinds of HVAC problems, and are happy to share our years of expertise and skill to make your HVAC work properly again.

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