Check Your Furnace

Check Your Furnace

Don’t wait until it’s too cold outside to discover your furnace isn’t functioning properly. Furnaces are a major appliance and should be checked regularly, to ensure proper efficiency and safety. If you notice your furnace isn’t working properly, consider the following:

Dirty or clogged filters– airflow is reduced causing the furnace to work in overdrive to circulate air.

Normal wear and tear issues– Age and use

Lack of proper maintenance– The level of care you put into your unit, reflects the level of performance it gives. Schedule routine planned maintenances to ensure you are on top of any issues that could present as a long lasting issue or detriment to your units effectiveness.

Cycling- Frequent cycling between the on and off mode not only wastes energy (costing your more) but could be indicative of a clogged air filter or improper air flow.

Thermostat issues, overly noisy systems and partially heating units are also concerns that should be presented to a professional.
Remember, an inefficient or ineffective system, is a costly system. Keep up with your maintenance and keep on top of your concerns.

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