Carbon Monoxide Detectors in PA | Senate Bill 607

Does your home have carbon monoxide detectors?

You wouldn’t want to live in a home without smoke detectors so what makes carbon monoxide detectors any different?

Pennsylvania signed the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Standards Act into law in December, 2013 requiring owners of multi-family dwellings to install carbon monoxide detectors for every unit, and sellers of residential buildings to disclose all information regarding the installation of carbon monoxide detectors on the property disclosure statement.

The new law places requirements on owners of multifamily rental units to provide proper carbon monoxide detection to the families living in their dwelling. There are further, more detailed requirements for rental properties which you can read here: PA Senate Bill 607

Just because your home may not fall into the requirements of the newly signed laws in PA doesn’t mean you should think about the importance of why your home should have proper carbon monoxide detection. If your home burns any fossil fuel for heating, cooking or water heating you are putting your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if you don’t have any carbon monoxide detectors installed. A gas or oil furnace can have a deteriorated heat exchanger and you wouldn’t even know it was leaking CO gas until it was too late if you didn’t have detectors installed. Read more about the dangers of cracked heat exchangers in furnaces here.

Even though the threat of CO gas poisoning is serious and deadly, there are many homes that lack proper detectors. This is a serious problem, and it is a problem that is easier to solve before there is a major issue by just having the right detectors installed in the right places.

If you burn fossil fuels for heat, cooking or hot water, you should make sure your home has the carbon monoxide detectors installed and that they are functioning properly. For more information or to have carbon monoxide detectors installed professionally, call us TODAY at 717.254.4555!

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