Is Bigger Always Better With Air Conditioning Systems?

Is Bigger Always Better With Air Conditioning Systems?

One of the more common misconceptions with HVAC systems, is that bigger equals better. You may think that it be better to have a bigger system, and have the house be too cold, than have a small system that doesn’t cool the house completely. Unfortunately that’s not how it works.
Larger units will reach the desired temperature quickly, but then once they reach that temperature, they shut off after running only a short cycle. Your unit needs to run in longer cycles to affectively dehumidify your home.
The Importance of Dehumidifying:

  • The more humidity you have, the more you are likely to have a mold problem, as mold spores thrive off of moisture and oxygen.
  • Damp environments are terrible for allergy sufferers, whose symptoms will be worsened with the added moisture. Those with dust allergies should be especially careful, as dust mites love damp areas.

Larger HVAC Units are Costly All Around

  • Larger units are more expensive at time of purchase.
  • Units that are too large are noisier; they push around higher volumes of air that your ducts may not be able to handle.
  • They will raise your electric bill. If your unit is too large and runs in short cycles, it’s constantly shutting off and on, which takes up a lot of energy/electricity. Also, because of the poor humidity control, users are probably setting the temperature to an even lower setting (thus creating even more short cycles). The more cycles your unit goes through, the more opportunity it has for wear and tear, meaning more maintenance and repairs over time.

Homeowners should consider what would be the best size for their home.  Consider the size of your home, and if the type of space your house contains. Do you have vaulted ceilings? Those are harder to cool and generally have poor air circulation as is. If you are unsure, talk to a professional. It’s better to take your time and do your research than overpaying for an ineffective and expensive unit.

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