Benefits to Hiring a Plumber Instead of a Friend

We all have a friend who seems to be able to do any kind of home repairs. But does that mean it’s all right to hire him or her for a plumbing emergency or project? Not necessarily. Although we at Pronto Plumbing definitely understand the DIY mentality (and we do tons ourselves at our own homes), there are times when it just makes more sense to hire a professional.
Here are a few of the advantages to hiring a technician from a well-respected company rather than taking your buddy up on the offer to help you with your plumbing issues:

  • Professional plumbers have the right equipment to tackle the job immediately. They won’t have to constantly run to the nearest hardware store or big box hardware place, or request that you purchase tools that you won’t use again.
  • Professional plumbers have seen (almost) everything. They’re very unlikely to be stumped by any unexpected issues that you encounter.
  • Professional plumbers are licensed. They also have insurance. If they make a mistake, you get peace of mind. If your friend makes a mistake, you’re going to pay out of pocket for the remedy.
  • Professional plumbers are able to give you advice based on years of their own experience, as well as the experience of their colleagues.
  • Professional plumbers are available when you need them. Your friend may have a jam-packed schedule when you need his or her assistance the most.
  • Professional plumbers are going to be efficient. They aren’t there to hang out and have a conversation with you and the rest of your family. They’re there to get the job done correctly.
  • Professional plumbers guarantee what they do. If that guarantee isn’t met, or you aren’t satisfied, you have recourse.
  • Professional plumbers usually only have to come once. Your buddy might be coming back again and again if the repair solution doesn’t work the first time.
  • Professional plumbers may be able to work with companies that sell plumbing equipment to get you low prices and extended warranties that you can’t get elsewhere.
  • Professional plumbers will know how to work with newer plumbing systems and solutions.

This isn’t to say that your friend isn’t really wonderful at what he or she does. However, it’s just better to contact someone who is a plumber by profession rather than a hobbyist, especially if you want to avoid the stops and starts that often come with DIY projects.

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