Benefits Of A Ductless Heat Pump

Benefits Of A Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless heat pumps, or mini-splits, are a great option for homes that don’t have existing ductwork. A mini-split involves two major components, an outdoor compressor or condenser, and multiple air handler units indoors. A branch box is used to “split” numerous indoor units across one outdoor unit.

What are the benefits of using a mini-split?

  • Better heating of individual rooms- mini-splits allow homeowners to customize which rooms use more heat and when (as opposed to traditional units which only offer one uniform temperature for the whole home).
  • Flexible placement options-indoor units can be mounted on drop ceilings, walls or ceilings virtually anywhere.
  • Improved energy efficiency- in a ducted system, heat can dissipate while in the ducts. Mini-splits are ductless so the energy loss is no longer an issue.
  • Mini-splits can save you money over time, due to more efficient heating and customizable room temperatures.

So is the mini-split right for you? That depends. If you already have ductwork, the cheaper option is to stick with a traditional heat pump. If you’re unsure what would be the best option for you, contact a professional and get a second opinion.

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